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Driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs (DWI) is a dangerous and costly mistake, which is why New Jersey looks to prevent future DWI incidents by giving harsh punishments to convicted offenders. With decades of experience practicing criminal defense at the Law Office of Ellman & Associates in Medford, I know that not all DWI charges are deserved. I vigorously defend clients who are victims of faulty breathalyzer tests or overzealous police officers. I also pursue reduced charges and lenient sentences for clients who admit to making a mistake and express a desire to forge a better path forward.


New Jersey does not let first-time DWI offenders off the hook easily and imposes more stringent penalties for repeat offenders. Typically, a person convicted of a DWI in New Jersey can expect the following consequences:

  • First offense — If a driver's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is between .08 percent and .10 percent, he can be fined between $250 and $400 and sentenced to as many as 30 days in jail. His license will be revoked until he installs an ignition interlock device, which must remain intact for at least three months. He will experience an annual auto insurance surcharge of $1,000 for three years. When the driver's BAC is .10 percent or above, the fines and length of license revocation increase.
  • Second offense — Drivers convicted of a second offense will face a fine of $500 to $1,000 and imprisonment of 90 days at most. His license will be suspended for one to two years, during which he will have to use an ignition interlock device. The device will remain in place for up to four years after his license is restored. The driver will have to complete 30 days of community service and pay a $1,000 auto insurance surcharge for three years.
  • Third offense — If a driver is convicted of a third offense, his license will be suspended for eight years and he may spend as many as 180 days in jail. He will be made to use an ignition interlock for up to 12 years and will have an annual auto insurance surcharge of $1,500 for three years. He will have to pay a $1,000 fine and complete 30 days of community service.

In New Jersey, it is also illegal to allow another person to drive drunk, which means you can be charged with a drunk driving crime even if you were not behind the wheel at the time of the stop.


In my career as a criminal defense lawyer, I have convinced many judges to drop cases. I have also successfully negotiated with prosecutors to secure favorable charge reductions and plea deals for my clients. If your DWI goes to trial, I will present a defense to methodically refute the validity of the state's case against you. This may start with questioning the existence of the arresting officer's reasonable suspicion for stopping your car. I may then point out any instances in which an officer violated your rights, such as by conducting an unlawful search or failing to provide you with a Miranda warning. Many DWI cases hinge on a breathalyzer reading, but there are various reasons why a reading can be inaccurate. I can look to prove that evidence of breathalyzer results should be excluded during trial.

If the evidence against you is strong, I will advise you on the actions you may take to seek a lenient sentence. Defendants who show remorse and a desire for rehabilitation — such as by attending AA meetings — may receive the goodwill of a judge.

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