DUI/DWI Attorney Hudson County, NJ

DUI/DWI Lawyer Hudson County, NJ

If you face driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Hudson County, New Jersey, you could benefit from having a strong DUI lawyer on your side. A drunk driving conviction on your record could put your career, relationships, and finances at risk. A DUI lawyer in Hudson County can build a legal defense to help you avoid harsh penalties, like jail or a lengthy license suspension.

The Law Office of Steven Ellman stands up for people like you dealing with New Jersey’s complex legal system and delivers real, meaningful results. Steven Ellman understands the stress and anxiety of a DUI arrest. Although it might seem like an impossible situation, there is a path forward, and Steven Ellman wants to help you find it.

Don’t take chances when so much is at stake. Contact The Law Office of Steven Ellman to get started with your free initial consultation with a DUI attorney in Hudson County, NJ.

Steven Ellman’s Experience in DUI/DWI Defense

Award-winning attorney Steven Ellman has more than 35 years of experience representing over 1,000 clients in DUI and DWI (driving while intoxicated) cases. He is a skilled litigator and effective negotiator with a reputation for success throughout Hudson County and the New Jersey legal community. His exceptional legal proficiency has led to an 80 percent success rate in case dismissals.

Here are a few examples of Steven’s recent DUI/DWI case results:

  • DUI charges reduced to failure to maintain lane charges (Somerset County)
  • DWI and multiple traffic offenses reduced to reckless driving charges (Mercer County) 
  • All charges dismissed for DWI and multiple other traffic offenses (Somerset County)

Do not assume a positive breath, blood, or urine alcohol test means the end of the road. You could avoid the harshest penalties or have your charges reduced or dismissed entirely with a gifted defense attorney spearheading your case.

Navigating DUI/DWI Charges with Confidence

New Jersey’s DUI laws are complex, so it’s natural to feel confused and overwhelmed after an arrest. At the Law Office of Steven Ellman, we provide clarity and relief by explaining everything in accessible terms and handling all the legal details for you. Here is an overview of the New Jersey DUI laws that might apply to your situation:

  • Legal Intoxication – The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in New Jersey is 0.08 percent, but law enforcement may arrest you at lower levels based on perceived impairment.
  • Implied Consent – By driving on New Jersey roads, you implicitly agree to submit to a breath test when asked by a police officer. Refusing a breathalyzer test could result in a suspended license.
  • License Suspension – In New Jersey, even first-time offenders can lose their driving privileges from three months to a year upon conviction.
  • Ignition Interlock Device (IID) – Since 2019, New Jersey has required convicted DUI drivers to install and pay for IIDs on their vehicles, even after first-time offenses. These devices require clean breath tests before they allow the vehicle’s engine to start. 
  • Fines and Fees – New Jersey has an escalating fine and fee schedule for first-time and subsequent DUI convictions.
  • Imprisonment – For DUI cases involving serious injury or loss of life, imprisonment is a possibility. 

Mounting a Strategic Defense

Our DUI lawyers carefully examine each case to determine the best defense strategy. Here are some of the possibilities we’ll consider when crafting your defense: 

  • Challenging the legality of the traffic stop under the Fourth Amendment, which protects individuals from unreasonable searches
  • Questioning the reliability of field sobriety and chemical tests
  • Challenging the DWI test results based on collection, calibration, storage, or medical conditions
  • Identifying other weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, such as the credibility of witnesses or the arresting officers

Client-Centered DUI Defense in Hudson County

The Law Office of Steven Ellman is the clear choice for DUI legal representation in Hudson County. Steven Ellman is a staunch and compassionate advocate who is there for you at every step, from consultation to courtroom. He can help you by:

  • Conducting a free initial consultation to assess your case and discuss potential defenses
  • Examining evidence and thoroughly analyzing police conduct and testing procedures
  • Filing pretrial motions to challenge evidence or argue for dismissal on legal grounds
  • Negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges or penalties
  • Building a strategic defense, cross-examining prosecution witnesses, and consulting experts 
  • Filing appeals and seeking the most favorable sentencing terms if the case leads to a conviction


No one plans on a DUI arrest in Hudson County. Steven Ellman understands the confusion and anxiety this type of situation creates. That’s why he focuses on personalized client service to relieve as much stress as possible. Here are a few recent comments from clients he has helped:

  • “Steven Ellman did a wonderful job with our DWI case. There were two DWIs, and both of them were dropped! At first, I was not sure what would happen, but Steven talked to the prosecutor and got the DWI dropped! Thank you, Steven Ellman!” Ryan I.
  • “…within four days of hiring [Steven Ellman], he got all of my warrants cleared, and my license was reinstated after seven years of being unable to drive or return to NJ… He has been absolutely amazing so far, and the communication is always on point.” Tresia O. 
  • “Steven Ellman was very professional and effective at a great price. He went above and beyond to get my original charges dropped, and I’m beyond satisfied with the end result. I recommend him to anyone looking for someone who’s not going to overcharge you and put 100 percent into getting the best possible outcome you can get.” Grace R. 

Why You Need Top Legal Representation

Not all DUI defense lawyers understand the unique characteristics of the legal system in Hudson County and nearby New Jersey jurisdictions. You deserve a top legal advocate who knows the local system and how to succeed within it. With a lawyer from the Law Office of Steven Ellman, you can expect:

  • Clear, consistent communication about your case 
  • Tough, experienced courtroom litigation
  • Compassionate support from our staff
  • Proven results in negotiating DUI charges and winning trials

Contact a DUI Lawyer in Hudson County Today

If you’re facing a DUI charge in Hudson County, you should have award-winning legal assistance on your side from the beginning. Tackling a potential conviction alone could yield disastrous results for your case, career, family, and personal liberty. Contact the Law Office of Steven Ellman for a free initial consultation about your DUI case in Hudson County.